The Notebook Holder

We are constantly looking to develop and expand our range of goods. While brainstorming products and writing down ideas we realised that our notebooks travelled everywhere with us. This started the ball rolling, we wanted a simple way of keeping our notebooks safe as they contained months of ideas.

We decided to keep it simple, something that would fit in the back pocket of our jeans and could mould to a natural shape. To achieve this we decided not to add a clasp, stud or snap. This allowed it to feel comfortable in the back pocket and avoid any tears or rips in your denim.

We created several prototypes and decided that a simple two pocketed design worked best - the reason being it allows you to slip the front and back covers into the pockets and use the full note book with ease. We'd advise you use a Field Notes as they fit perfectly, however any notebook of the same size should fit also (A5).

We're really pleased with the outcome and we'll be releasing the Notebook Holder in three tones on the web shop very soon.