Our city

Here at Longside we are fortunate to be located within a picturesque city, a city that easily provides inspiration. Oxford is simply a beautiful place to absorb history as you walk through the streets and behold the impressive architecture. Renowned globally for the esteemed University – centuries of rich history is complimented by a feeling of unity as students, residents, and visitors from all walks of life come here to stroll the same cobbled lanes.

We often wander through our hometown to embrace the energy emitted by Oxfords’ diverse audience and seek brilliance for new products and ideas, which uphold the same standard of this great city. Every single product in our workshop is handmade with a real passion for craft and quality – the same passion researchers, scholars and many more have for their profession in Oxford.

Our products have walked down the illustrious Broad Street, where fifty years ago other local products of craft were bought. We hope in fifty years time Longside is still being worn by many on these streets and others across the country.