Testing our new Passport Holder

Every product we make is designed to withstand the test of time; this is especially true regarding the re-designed Passport Holder. This product is all about quality and longevity, whether taking a family holiday or flying around the world for work. To test the durability of the new Passport Holder, the product flew around the world with Charlie for work.

Flying 25,000 miles and totally 45 hours in the air (economy class) the Longside Passport Holder travelled through four countries (United States of America, Hong Kong, Singapore, and China) stopping at eleven airports. This included eleven customs checks, with the passport being taken from the holder each time.

The Passport Holder was also carried in his back pocket on three different metro systems whilst travelling around the cities to attend meetings (London, Hong Kong, and Shanghai) and was even present when Charlie realised he hadn’t packed his toothbrush.

Here are some after shots, where the results truly exceeded our expectations. The Passport Holder is being made available to purchase on the website very soon!